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Katalin Kövessy

ISO consultant


My name is Katalin Kövessy, Msc in agricultural engineering. Based on my long years’ experience in corporate office management and back-office ISO certification / accreditation experience I offer consultancy for organization / reorganization of internal corporate processes in view of the inevitable changes that 2020 brought one way or another to every one of us.

In addition to internal processes, ISO can provide a framework for an operational stability, which if maintained, can be one of the pillars of business continuity, implementing of which in addition to the reorganization of internal processes or even just by stand-alone ISO implementation an organization’s internal operation can be supported.

In the first phase, the development of the processes and the ISO can be fulfilled online, but the implementation requires a personal presence.

ISO Consultant?

The consulting expert works as a project manager, he/she doesn’t need to understand the specific professional field, has to understand only the logic and rationality of the processes, his/her task is to help to interpret the guidelines / requirements of the standard(s) specifically for the given organization.

What is ISO consulting / training / implementation?

After reviewing the processes of the organization to be regulated, keeping in mind the requirements of the ISO standard(s) required by the organization, it helps reviewing the integration into processes, review of some difficult processes and customer feedback on conformity of products or services.

It is not mandatory an organization operating according to ISO standard(s) to be certified, but experience shows that which organizations have successfully implemented ISO standard(s) for their processes, intend to be certified by third party (external certification body).

Contact info

E-mail: katalin@kovessy.hu
Mobile: + 36-70-429.1108